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Escape the dark winter and step into the warm Mexican summer

Put on your flip-flops, grab a drink, and ...

Eat 🌮

Mexican food, part of a world-renowned cuisine that packs a ton of flavor in every bite. Or should we say, in every taco. Come to Lille Mexico for your yearly supply of tacos with a traditional salsa brought all the way from a small "mercado" in the heart of Mexico.  

😎Heat up

At Lille Mexico, you can expect 25+ degrees and enough "sunlight" to set you up for the rest of the winter. If you were waiting for the right opportunity to wear your sunglasses indoors, this is it.  

Have fun💃

During "the day", there will be food and cultural experiences that will transport you from cold Oslo to a getaway in Mexico. "When the sun sets", we'll finish off with a night party that will get you moving to the sound of summer. Whether you're in a group or solo, Lille Mexico has you covered :) 

When, where?

Oslo (venue to be announced)

January 2025

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